Concealment Holsters

As spring is rapidly approaching here in Tucson (it’s alternating between rainy and sunny and getting into the low 70s), I’ve been looking at options for concealed carry in the warmer (read: freakishly hot) seasons. My main concern is not immediate access (e.g. on my person), but rather total concealment (e.g. no chance of “flashing”, dropping the gun, etc.).
Since I’m often found with a backpack (how else can one carry stuff whilst on a two-wheeled vehicle without saddlebags), and mine is getting a bit long in the tooth (it’s my old army “assault pack” backpack, which has all sorts of straps and buckles), I’ve been looking at getting a new backpack or messenger bag with a concealment compartment — one of my friends has a purse from Galco with a concealment compartment, and she’s been extremely satisfied, so I figured a backpack would work well for me.
Ideally, the bag would also have a padded spot for a laptop (mine has a 15.4″ screen).
Galco seems to have women’s handbags, but nothing that I can find seems appropriate for a mid-20s male student-type.
Any ideas?

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  1. Coronado Leather. Yes, their concealed carry bags and cases are expensive but they last a long time as well and they have plenty of offerings for men.

  2. I would caution you against too much camo – on a bike you want to be seen!
    (My niece almost nailed a guy wearing bdu’s who didn’t look both ways crossing the street)
    Also, it makes Libs nervous.

  3. Revolver carried on an empty chamber and in a deep pocket. Some might call this unsafe, but i have yet to hear of a revolver firing on an empty chamber and have carried this way when the circumstances leave no other option. Please don’t attempt this option without making yourself as well advised, practiced and aware of the few pitfalls that can occur. My personal preference is a loose shit and a nylon belly wrap, i can carry anything from a revolver to a full size 1911. I do not under any circumstances consider a Glock a concealable weapon without being in a rigid composite holster of some type, and honestly don’t consider it a beginner or even intermediate level firearm, far to often a rookie will find himself shot in the leg, foot or…. and id like to see folks in the Firearm sales business steer beginners away from such a weapon. There are plenty of other choices with triple safety’s that will serve the NOOBY far better
    NRA LIFER and long time firearm enthusiast since the age of 7.

    1. JTF: If negligent discharges with Glock pistols occur “far to often” (sic), surely you’d be able to provide some sort of citation pointing out that NDs with Glock pistols occur significantly more often than with other pistols, right?
      Glock makes fine pistols and, so long as one follows the basic safety rules, they’re perfectly fine (at least in the context of safety). They’re also reasonably concealable, though some of their models are quite thick.
      I’m of the opinion that carrying any gun should be done with a holster. Carrying a gun without one is, to me, far too dangerous to even consider.

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