Bloody Hell…

My friend Louis just got me an RCBS bullet puller today, as I have been pining for one for some time.
I can’t get the bloody thing to work. I popped the tar seal on some old Wolf ammo I had lying around, put the cartridge in the puller in the prescribed manner, and pounded the snot out of it to no avail. Even following excellent instructions such as this, I’ve been unsuccessful. (Note: I lack a piece of firewood, but I do have a 2×4 clamped to my desk to which my reloading press is attached, and I pounded the puller on the wood, as well as my lightly-carpeted floor.)
Same thing with my non-sealed, not-heavily-crimped reloads.
Any suggestions?
Perhaps a collet-puller would have been a better idea?

3 thoughts on “Bloody Hell…”

  1. Bang it on cement. anything padded (wood, carpet) will absorb some of the impact. I use the 3 sectioned ring with the band around it. I have never tried using the shell holder but I’d think there would be no difference. It never takes more than 3-4 hits to pull a bullet for me… Good luck!

  2. I use a brick. It takes less force and whacks using something hard. Even wood will give too much and you will eventualy break it using something with give.

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