Last week, I sold a bunch of books to the local used bookstore (Bookmans, which is an awesome store). They gave me a normal store credit slip saying I had a credit of ~$45 good for anything in the store.
Unfortunately, that same slip ended up being in my pants pocket when I did laundry this weekend, and is now in very small pieces on my desk. Alas, this also means it’s now worthless — Bookmans doesn’t keep records of credit slips, and they encourage you to treat them like cash. Unfortunately, the credit slips aren’t as durable as cash.
That’ll teach me to check my pockets prior to doing laundry.

3 thoughts on “Damn!”

  1. A or B credit? If I remember A is good for everything, B only for books. I just like that place for all the old games and videos they have. You do know bookmans has a random thing where you can get your purchase for free. Happened to me twice. I have a $50 of book credit. Maybe I should find some desert survival books there. But this is the one in Phoenix.
    Could be worse. Could be your phone.

  2. Hi AZR – Heather from Bookmans here. Would you mind dropping me an email with a mailing address? I have something I’d like to send you. 🙂
    p.s. Cheers to another Browncoat!

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