Tech Advice

I’m seeking a small, high-quality, wifi*-based webcam.
It must have the capability for live streaming access over the web (that is, I can access the camera remotely and see live views of its coverage area), and the capability for motion-based taking of photos/videos (can be either or both). Must be able to send motion-based taking of photos/videos to a remote location, such by email or FTP.
Why? I tend to be out of the apartment a lot. While the guns are secure in the safe, a potential thief would have little problem entering the apartment and having near-unlimited time to open the safe. If that occurs, I’d like some evidence to present to the police and/or my insurance company.
Any advice? I’ve been looking at these cameras, but they’re pricey.
* Must support WPA2-PSK with AES. WEP is absolutely out of the question.