I don’t think so…

Evidently there’s a bill pending in the Arizona Legislature to mandate some sort of microcoding of ammunition, a 1/2 cent per-round tax, registration of ammunition, etc.
Good luck with that, particularly as the bill specifies that it would apply to “handgun and assault weapon ammunition” and, of course, Arizona has no legislaton defining an “assault weapon”, and there is certainly no federal law either.
I don’t think such a law will ever pass here, and I certainly hope it won’t.

One thought on “I don’t think so…”

  1. Someone tries to put “assault weapon” language into Florida law every year. I have a sinking suspicion that the second we stop watching for it, someone will sneak it through. Generally, I assume that getting “assault weapon” language in place (even if it doesn’t actually do anything) is one of the top legislative priorities of anti-gun groups. They know they can’t get any major gun control passed in most states, so they try to slip little things in all the time.
    What they are trying in AZ seems like a poorly executed attempt to make the “assault weapons” nonsense a part of the law so it can be built upon later.

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