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I’ve always been a big fan of Glock pistols: they’re not terribly expensive, they fit my hand well, they’re mechanically simple, and freakishly reliable. Sure, they’re not pretty, but I don’t care.
That said, why hasn’t Glock ever made a rifle…like, say, an AR-15? Not a 100% mil-spec one mind you, but something with some improvements. Say, have it striker-fired with the striker contained within the bolt carrier. A firing pin safety. A similar sear/disconnector to the one in their pistols — it could considerably simplify the working mechanisms of the gun itself.
CavArms has made all-polymer lowers and they turned out quite well. I’d imagine Glock could do something similar, or maybe just stick with the aluminum receivers and do some internal modifications.
Glock pistol magazines tend to be rugged and durable, with both a steel liner and a plastic outside. Why not make AR mags in a similar way, and have them be compatible with mil-spec ARs?
Many police departments and militaries around the world use Glock pistols. Many departments in the US are now equipping their officers with patrol rifles, usually AR variants (mostly likely because of the “Oooh! Shiny!” factor). I’m really surprised that Glock hasn’t gotten into this market.

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  1. So? The market is really hot (and has been for years) for ARs. Even Sig and HK are getting into the market, and they’re mostly known for their pistols (at least in the civilian market).
    There’s money to be made in the market, and I’m sure that there’s any number of systems in the AR that could be simplified and improved.
    Of course, I’d imagine a Glock-made AR would still be ugly as hell. šŸ™‚

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