Why do some people support registration of firearms?
I’m not talking about rabidly anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign. Instead, I’m talking about regular, everyday folks, including some gunny folks I’ve met.
I’m honestly interested in why people support such a measure.
Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

3 thoughts on “Registration”

  1. I don’t personally support it, but I know people who do.
    They usually fall into the “if you don’t have anything to hide, you should be OK with it” crowd. That, or they look at you funny when you say registration leads to confiscation, thinking our .gov would *never* do that.

  2. Because we’ve stupidly allowed other things to be registered, like cars.
    We pay annual taxes on our cars and we get a sticker for it. Same thing but for a “safety inspection” too. Extrapolate and weep.

  3. some of them don’t understand… some of them fall into the category above that Rustmeister said.. .the whole.. “innocent people don’t have anything to hide, so why do you care” category…

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