AR Mags

For those looking at AR magazines, I highly recommend these. While their retail pricing is a bit high at $18/each, Midway dealer pricing is ~$10/each + shipping. Not bad at all. Best of all, Midway has them in stock.
They feed flawlessly and the 4-way anti-tilt follower works well. They’re no longer gray with an easily-scuffed finish, but are black and look remarkably like the mags that came with my DPMS M4gery (except for the floorplate and the follower).
For those in Tucson who want to get in on a group buy, let me know. I just bought ten, but may be tempted to get more.

4 thoughts on “AR Mags”

  1. While I’m not a dealer, I am on Midway’s email list. Today there was a “Veterans Day special pricing email”. That dropped the price on these mags to $14.75.

  2. To get dealer pricing at Midway, get your 03 FFL (Curios & Relics). Costs $30 for 3 years and only takes a little paperwork.
    It’s worth the time and hassle.

  3. I am game for a tucson buy… Just commited to buying an ar-15 reciever and 1k rounds of ammo.

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