I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance…

…by switching away from GEICO.
That’s an extra $300/year I can put into savings, or maybe spend on ammo.
Update: On a similar note, I’m curious what, if any, insurance you have to protect your firearms. All the renters insurance policies I’ve seen have a $2,000 limit on firearms. I augmented my Allstate renters policy with a “sporting equipment” rider that upped the limit to $5,000 for an extra $20/year. USAA has a similar limitation (and optional add-on rider) for firearms. Any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance…”

  1. Yeah, as far as I can tell, it offers $1,000 of coverage from theft, loss, etc. Not bad, but I have more than $1,000 of guns. 🙂
    Their additional coverage isn’t too shabbily priced, but it’s quite comparable to the additional coverage provided by USAA and other insurance companies. Why deal with the hassle of multiple companies (each of which will try to wiggle out of paying)?
    Also, it looks like Lockton Risk, the company the NRA uses for their ArmsCare insurance, has a connection with the ailing AIG. Personally, I’d keep my money away from them…

  2. many years ago I saved ~400 a year by switching away from USAA.
    It seems to me insurance co’s start new customers out “low” but program in rate increases every year. After several years, they’ve pushed the rates up “high”. Thus every 4-5 years it pays to switch companies.
    A CPA friend noted the same trend.

  3. All home and renters policies will have limitations on things like guns and jewelry since not everyone has them.
    You can either endorse the policy by adding a ‘generic’ endorsment as you did for all sports equipment or scheduling items individually (this is usually for collectors items). When you schedule or endorse the policy for the additional coverage I haven’t seen too many companies weaseling out of paying, as you said. The coverage on these is much broader than the rest of the policy so they will cover more.
    I don’t know if the agent asked you about your guns or if you asked them but for the small amount of money the coverage is worth it.

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