It’s Who You Know

My next door neighbor is a very handy guy. In addition to being a fellow physics student and computer geek, he’s also a former bicycle mechanic (useful). On a somewhat more personal note, he’s also a Mormon.
Long story short, I, like The Commander, have been invited to visit the local Mormon cannery. Being able to can fresh foods at near-cost is really handy. Evidently one can also buy freshly-canned foods from the cannery, rather than having to do the canning yourself.
Leaving the religious bits aside, the Mormons certainly seem to have their ducks in a row when it comes to preparing for disasters.

2 thoughts on “It’s Who You Know”

  1. And have you seen any of the numerous articles and news stories about how they’ve been positioning and repositioning emergency supplies for each storm? They’ve been shuffling literally hundreds of thousands of relief kits around the southeast lately.
    I saw a local church there (one of MANY) loaded with generators, tarps, bottled water, tools, tents, sleeping bags, shingles, cleaning supplies, etc when I went down to help out in Florida several years ago. All for donation/use to whoever needed help, regardless of their religious affiliation. I helped to reshingle two entire roofs, two partial roofs, rebuild a porch, do LOTS of cleanup, cut downed trees into firewood sized chunks and we even had time to get some split, etc, etc, etc. All at no cost to the homeowners.
    We would drive down the street looking for damage and when it was spotted, we got out and fixed it then kept on going. One of the best vacations I’ve ever had.

  2. I forgot you’re in AZ (duh!), so you’ve got all kinds of Mormon neighbors. It wasn’t that long ago that AZ had a higher percentage of Mormons than UT did. May still be true, for all I know.

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