Blackwater Endorses Gun Control

David Codrea mentions this story:

Blackwater Worldwide announced its support of AB2498, proposed legislation that would prevent prohibited persons from unlawful access to and possession of firearms.
This legislation would serve to hold all responsible firearms training facilities to a common standard, allow training of responsible citizens, and, hopefully, reduce firearms capabilities of dangerous criminals.

AB2498 basically requires any firearms training facility with a written contract with the federal government to provide training services to require background checks on those seeking training there, unless the individuals are members of the police or military.
Somehow, I suspect that the criminals aren’t going to bother spending thousands of dollars at training facilities. Once again, a useless law that does nothing but inconvienience the law-abiding.
Update: Sebastian pointed out that this law would only apply to facilities with written contracts with the federal government to provide training services. I’ve updated the original post with italicized text.

2 thoughts on “Blackwater Endorses Gun Control”

  1. Not any firearms training facility, only ones that have a written contract with the federal government to provide the same. That would limit it mostly to Blackwater.
    That’s not to say the law isn’t silly, and that’s not to say I understand what problem this is meant to solve (perhaps it’s just a fuck you to Blackwater from California), but it’s not a broadly applied bill.

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