By George, I Think He’s Got It!

From this article:

And [DC v. Heller] will force liberals to focus on the real reasons for gun violence.
At some point, liberals and anti-gun folks will have to realize that it is failing families, schools and communities that lead to drug-related gun violence, not guns purchased by law-abiding citizens.

So, why do we do [gun “buyback” programs]? We do them because it allows incompetent politicians to feel as though they’re doing something. They want to be able to go back to their under-informed constituents and say, Hey! Look at me. I’m doing something about the 400 murders, on average, in Philadelphia yearly, or the five or six gunshot victims a day! When they really aren’t.

IN OTHER WORDS, guns don’t kill people – misguided, unloved, disconnected, uneducated, angry youth kill people. Youth without mentors and role models kill people.

By jove, I think he’s on to something. Read the whole thing; it gets better.