Say what?

From the VPC‘s post-Heller statement:

Thankfully, because the plaintiff in Heller did not challenge the District’s ban on “machine guns,” Washington, DC?s ban on most semiautomatic weapons, including semiauto handguns, should be unaffected.?

Er, what?
After reading further, this is because DC defines a “machine gun” as any gun ?which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily converted or restored to shoot semiautomatically, more than 12 shots without manual reloading.” What a bizzare definition.
The VPC also claims,

In contrast [to semi-automatic handguns], revolvers hold only five to six ammunition rounds, fire more slowly, take time to reload, and represent only 27 percent of the handguns manufactured in 2006.

Jerry Miculek disagrees.