Reuters Reports On Ammo Prices

Article here.
While I dislike rising ammo prices, I’m pleasantly surprised to see a mainstream news organization reporting on the increasing cost of ammo in a neutral fashion, just like they would report on bread, milk, gasoline, etc.

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  1. They didn’t mention that ammo has been more expensive in the past, especially when inflation is factored in.
    I still remember buying two cases (5000 rounds each) of 22LR back in 1980 or so because they were on sale at KMart for the ridiculously low price of only .99 per box.
    I just bought boxes of 550 rounds of very similar ammo (Federal vs. Remington) for $12 and they weren’t on sale. Let’s see, that’s $1.09 now per 50 compared to $.99 per 50 then. ALMOST 30 YEARS AGO. Factor in inflation and I paid a whole lot less now. Even the same Thunderbolts are comparatively cheaper now if you do the math.
    I’ve got some old ammo boxes I inherited from my Father-in-Law. Do the math for inflation and the ammo now isn’t any more expensive than it was then. If I could remember where it was, I’d point you to an article that does just that and shows how we really aren’t any worse off now than we have been at various times in the past.
    The problem is that we had a really good run for a while where ammo was actually cheaper than it had been (probably improvements in manufacturing and/or reduced demand) and we’re coming out of that now. Once people stop stockpiling, the prices will come back down.
    But, what with people getting more and more into preparedness lately as well as folks figuring they should get it now before it gets even higher and fears about certain people getting elected and what that could do to availability… I don’t see it happening any time soon.
    It looks like a lot of manufacturers have either slowed down or reversed their price increases recently, or at least the retailers have. Many ammo prices are lower now than they were a few months ago.

  2. GunGeek: Interesting indeed. If I had saved receipts, I would go back and see what I paid for ammo several years ago and compare it with that of today.
    That said, I’m not sure about the manufacturers reversing price increases. Remington and Winchester are raising their prices.
    Also, the value of the dollar in the last 5 years hasn’t changed by a huge amount, but the price of certain types of ammo has doubled or tripled — .223 most noticeably, but also .308 and others. I wonder if that’s due to the war, increases in foreign demand, or just more people shooting?
    I miss my cheap ammo.

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