To all those new visitors from Snowflakes in Hell, welcome!
I never really expected this many visitors ever, let alone in a single day. No pressure, right? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Eek! Too many people linking to me! 🙂
    This means several things:
    – Lots of new readers. (I actually need to worry about writing stuff that people will actually read! Somewhat nerve-wracking!
    – Me discovering many new blogs that I now want to read, and so much spend more time each day reading. (Not really a bad thing…)
    Oh, the horror!
    (Really though, I appreciate it! It’s finals week here at the UofA, so my posting’s been a bit light and I haven’t gotten around to putting links back to everyone kind enough to link to me, but I’ll do so shortly.)

  2. glad to be here… sebastian usually makes good recommendations so im looking forward to it… and the 10/22 magazine video is a nice help

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