An Example of PSH

I think this pretty much falls in with the definition of PSH:

The 60-year-old Vietnam veteran and former Marine was arrested at his home Tuesday and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct after two village trustees complained that, during a heated meeting, Kachka pointed his finger at them while wearing a shirt with a Marine Corps insignia that said, “Don’t Move. If You Run, You’ll Only Die Tired.”
Trustees allege Kachka’s thumb was raised and his index finger extended, as though he were firing a gun.

The meeting at which this occurred was on a Thursday, and Mr. Kachka was arrested the following Tuesday.
It’d be one thing to arrest someone immediately if they were being disorderly, but to wait five days? That seems silly in the extreme, considering all he was doing was pointing.
Hopefully the absurdity of this situation is evident to the court, and they promptly dismiss the case against Mr. Kachka.