Brady Campaign gathering at the University of Arizona flops

From the Brady Campaign (PDF):

WHAT: Activists Gather to Remember Gun Violence Victims and Urge Congress
to Close the Gun Show Loophole and For More Common Sense Federal
and State Gun Laws
WHEN: 11am-2 pm
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
WHERE: The Mall, University Blvd, Tucson

Oh really?
I was looking all over the UA Mall, but was unable to locate any sort of gathering of this nature. Instead, there was a considerable gathering of people for the weekly Farmer’s Market on the UA campus, as well as some sort of environmental event (lots of tables for bicycle shops, pollution reduction, energy conservation, and other such things).
The UA College Republicans had a table out promoting John McCain and had a considerable amount of pizza there, but I saw no representatives from the Young Democrats anywhere on the UA Mall.
There was a large power outage that affected a considerable chunk of Tucson and the University of Arizona, and there was a huge number of students milling about the University Mall today, so it’s possible I may have missed the Brady gathering in the crowds, but I doubt it. It’s also possible that they may have done their protest in the brief time I went off campus to get lunch, but it usually takes some time to setup a table, do such an event, and take the table down…and I saw no evidence of this occurring.
Still, I suspect the Brady Campaign will trump up the “event” on their website.
In other news, the University of Arizona Students for Concealed Carry on Campus will be staging “empty holster” protests (by going about their normal on-campus business with empty holsters) next week. This will be a low-key event, as opposed to Brady’s attempt to use the anniversary of the VT shooting to further dubious political goals.