PA State Firearm?

A state senator in Pennsylvania wants to pass legislation naming the Pennsylvania Long Rifle as the state’s official firearm. Report here.
While I think that such legislation is silly, I otherwise don’t have any objection to it. Some, however, do:

[O]opponents say the idea of designating a state firearm is unthinkable, especially since Pennsylvania cities are scarred by gun-related crimes.

Said opponents are not named in the article, nor is their reasoning — such as it is — explained. How does naming a historical, blackpowder, single-shot, longer-than-four-feet-long rifle as the state’s official firearm have anything to do with violent crime? Whoever these opponents are, they need to unbunch their panties.

1 thought on “PA State Firearm?”

  1. There are official state flags, state birds, state flowers, state mottos, and other official state things. I don’t see it at all silly to designate a state rifle especially considering exactly how much the rifle had to do with the formation of said state and of our country. I think it a patriotic gesture that supports the RKBA.
    All the best,
    Glenn B

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