The Citizen’s Guide to Small Arms

Found on No mention of original author. I would be happy to credit the original author if I knew who they were.

17 thoughts on “The Citizen’s Guide to Small Arms

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  2. anonymous

    ak — AR-15,M16
    FN P90 — mini Uzi (not micro)
    bolt action barrett 50 — walther PPK (Bond, James Bond)
    browning high power — RPG
    ray gun, yugo?

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  4. MrWolf

    Close, but no cigar. I’m fairly sure the ‘browning high power’ is a CZ.
    A-, must try (a bit) harder.
    Best wishes.

  5. Tam

    I’m not sure about all those Uzis, but I think the car is a Gaia-pollutin’, size 18 EEE carbon-footprint-havin’, non-eco friendly, love child of a Vauxhall Cresta and an AMC Matador.

  6. Steve Skubinna

    Horse poop. Every single one of those is a “high powered fully automatic assault rifle.”
    Except the last, which is a Gaia-raper.

  7. Chris M

    I remember buying those “spud guns” at the local drug store in the late fifties. IIRC, they cost about a buck. Stick that short muzzle into a potato (spud), squeeze the grip, and the short piece of potato stuck in the muzzle would launch towards your target. Me and the neighbor boys had many an epic battle with those.

  8. nichole

    heynow …
    i’ll stick with “shooty things” for #’s 1-9, although #9 somewhat resembles a nerf gun to me … all #10 looks like it could shoot is holes in your checking account 🙂

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