How to be…

…an Elite Team Fighter.
This guy fails as an instructor.
While some (some!) of his advice is reasonable for a beginner, simple possession of firearms and a basic knowledge does not make one an expert, nor “elite”. He might be able to try out for marching band, what with all the twirling of the rifle and shotgun like they’re batons…
And what’s with the ski mask?
(Hat tip to a few gun bloggers. Thanks, guys!)

Goverment Silliness

Some days, I wonder about the sanity of government workers.
First off, there’s the whole silliness about the “economic stimulus” program (giving taxpayers their own money, yet somehow thinking this will make the economy better)…that’s enough for an entirely separate post.
The thing that really confuses me is all the mail they keep sending out about it. They sent me (and presumably all other eligible recipients) a letter a few months ago saying “We’re going to pay you!”, then they paid me (via direct deposit), then they sent out another letter saying “Look! We paid you!”
Duh. I know. There’s no need to waste more of my own money on postage, knuckleheads. I shudder to think how much money was spent on postage alone.
Here’s a suggestion: Instead of spending money letting me know you already gave me money (I can read my bank statement, after all), why not use it to pay down the National Debt?