Spring Cleaning

Ok, maybe it’s still winter here in Tucson, but whatever.
Anyway, with all the humidity in the air due to rain and whatnot, I should really clean and re-oil all the guns in the safe.
Of course, I should also go out to the range and shoot them, but I have no time. Whee.

Man With A Gun

Breaking News: A week ago (( Sorry for the delay. Been busy. )), a 27-year-old man purchased some motor oil, funnels, and paper towels at a local Wal-Mart at 10:00pm. He was openly carrying a Glock 19 in a retention holster.
While paying for his purchases, he noticed another man of similar age carrying a revolver of unknown make and model, also in a retention retention holster. This other man was at a nearby register, also paying for his purchases.
Although both men were openly armed, surrounded by numerous cash registers filled with money, with numerous families with children in close proximity, there was — shockingly enough — no gunfight, robbery, or other acts of violence. Strangely, neither man assumed the other was a violent criminal and neither opened fire. Indeed, none of the employees or patrons were visibly alarmed.
Both men noted the other’s presence and went back to paying for their purchases before going back to their separate vehicles. While walking to his vehicle, the first man walked past an idling police car that happened to be in the area, nodded to the officer, said “good evening”, received a nod in response, and continued walking.
Film at 11.