Common Misconception

Contrary to popular belief, even amongst gunny people, automatic firearms — that is, machine guns — are not necessarily illegal to own.
While some states (looking at you, California) heavily restrict or prohibit them, most states have only minor, if any, restrictions above and beyond federal law.
Sure, there are some hoops to jump through (a one-time $200 NFA tax, local police approval, ATF approval, fingerprints, background checks, interstate travel restrictions, etc.), but it’s less paperwork than buying a car…though it does take about a month for the paperwork to get approved by the ATF.
There’s not even any “license” to own them. There’s a license requirement for dealers, but private citizens simply need an approved ATF form (most seem to be on a Form 4). That’s it. You don’t give up any privacy rights: the feds can’t stop by and search your property any more than they could before, they’re not going to tap your phones.
Just thought I’d help clear this up.

My Own Buy a Gun Day

Yes, I know that Buy a Gun Day is April 15th, but I recently bought a whole bunch of 5.56mm bullets and 8lbs of powder, and so am set for National Ammo Day. Thus, I decided that I’d buy some new guns.
My very first gun was a Glock 19 pistol in 9mm. I bought it when I lived in California, and thus it was registered to me in accordance with the laws (*spit*) of the state. Even though I am now an Arizona resident, California refused to de-register the gun. Thus, when money was tight and bills needed to be paid, I ended up selling it in a private sale here in Arizona to a gentleman whose name I do not recall. While giving the metaphorical finger to California was nice, I miss the G19’s simplicity, light weight, and freakish reliability. I knew I’d get one again, and so I ended up buying about 1,500 rounds of 9mm a year or two ago (at the time, I had no gun chambered in that caliber) as it was on sale. With the price of ammo these days, I’m certainly not regretting that decision.
Well, today I bought a new G19. As expected, it’s exactly the same as my old one (though the springs are a bit stiffer). Sure, it’s ugly and built like I could use it to hammer nails, but it shoots well and Just Works.
I also picked up a DPMS AP4 M4gery. I was seriously tempted by the Bushmaster offerings (and I admit to being partial to Bushmaster ARs — my 20″ A3-style AR is a Bushy), but the Bushmaster rifle had the 14.5″ barrel with permanently-attached Izzy flash suppressor, which wasn’t my style. The DPMS one was $100 cheaper, and had the barrel profile I liked. I figured I’d pick one up now, as I rather like AR-style rifles, and who knows what the political situation (let alone my financial situation) will be in the future. Better safe than sorry, right?
I also use my AR in the course of taking new shooters to the range, and the M4gery’s adjustable stock makes it much easier to fit the rifle to the shooter. Many smaller-framed people have great difficulty handling the 20″ AR, so this should make things easier and more comfortable for them.
All in all, a pretty good day.