Defense Distributed announces the “Ghost Gunner”, a CNC mill for making AR-15s

Defense Distributed, a group famous for the “Liberator” (an open-source, freely-available 3D printable gun), just announced the “Ghost Gunner” — a compact CNC mill that is designed specifically for turning a metal 80% lower into a complete AR-15 lower receiver in about an hour.

Sure, general-purpose CNC mills have existed for decades, but they’re a bit expensive, hard to learn, and generally out of reach of the average person. DD’s hope with this machine is to make it easy and cheap (about $1,200 at the normal price, discounted to $999 for the first ten to pre-order) for the average person to use out-of-the-box.
Coming on the heels of the failure of State Senator Kevin de Le?n’s SB 808 “ghost gun ban”, which would criminalize the manufacture of homebuilt firearms unless one registered them with the state and added a serial number, this is particularly interesting.

In the wake of the governor?s veto of the Ghost Gun ban, Wilson?s CNC mill could make?untraceable guns all the more accessible. And as the video above shows, Wilson isn?t shying away from that face-off so much as directly confronting gun control advocates. He?s gone as?far as applying?for a trademark for the term ?Ghost Gun,? a move that could limit how gun control advocates are legally able to use it.
?This wouldn?t be worth doing if Kevin de Le?n didn?t know about it,? Wilson says.

(From Wired’s The $1,200 Machine That Lets Anyone Make a Metal Gun at Home)