Any lawyers in the house?

In March, a bit storm swept over the area where my fiancee’s condo is located, damaging the roof. The damaged roof then leaked into her unit, damaging the drywall of the ceiling.
The condo association fixed the roof a few days later, but the interior damage was already done. We’ve been back-and-forth with the association and, when they’re not stalling us, they’re disavowing responsibility for interior damage.
We think differently, because the damage to the ceiling was caused by a failure of the roof (which is their responsibility), so it seems reasonable that they be responsible for repairing the drywall of her ceiling.
The condo association and property management company keep us going around in circles.
We’d like to avoid taking them to small claims court if possible, so if anyone has some useful advice, that’d be really handy. If there’s any lawyers in Arizona who might be willing to help (even if legal advice can’t be provided, referrals to useful information would be appreciated), I’d be much obliged. Email would be the best way to reach me.
While the damage would only cost about $300 to fix and we could afford to pay for the repairs, we’re wanting the association to pay for the damage based on principle, as we believe the damage to be secondary to a failure of their roof, which is their responsibility. If we’re in the wrong and it turns out to actually be our responsibility, then we have no problem with paying for repairs.

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  1. I’m not a lawyer, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night – but I do own a condo (albeit in SC). Usually the condo assn. owns the drywall. Guess you better check out the “deed” but my owner’s insurance doesn’t cover any damage to the structure (other than the windows), just contents. My assn. just passed rules about replacing water heaters every 5 years because a major leak caused damage to a number of units – drywall and flooring which the assn. was responsible for repairing.

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