Hey folks, quick questions:

  1. Anyone know a place in the greater Tucson or Chandler area where one can get a pistol barrel threaded? I have a Ruger MkIII 22/45 and wish to mount my GemTech Outback II suppressor on it. The barrel did not come pre-threaded. Hoping for a total cost of <$100, including a thread protector.
  2. I’m a big fan of Hogue grips, particularly for pistols. The regular Ruger MkII or MkIII can use model-specific Hogue grips, but as far as I know, the 22/45 cannot. Am I incorrect?

Random note: suppressed .22 pistols are almost as much fun as suppressed .22 rifles.

5 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. I would try Second Amendment Sports. I know they have a gunsmith. And as much as I may not like to recommend him, I’ve heard good things about Jim Harlowe’s threading jobs- he’s down at Black Weapons Armory. Just be warned, I think he’s shifty.

  2. Oh right, there’s also a forum guy using the name TechTeach who makes overmolded grips that are a no-mod way to add some thickness to the 22/45.
    Here’s one reference , but you’ll have to look around for a real post I guess – my googlefu is weak right now.

  3. Suggest you reach out to SRT Arms in Tempe. Doug there manufactures suppressors and can put threads on just about anything you need. If you need an intro, let me know.

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