Restaurant Carry Passes AZ Legislature

If my understanding of the email I received from Karen Winfield at the Arizona Legislature is correct, SB1113 (“Restaurant Carry”) passed both the House and Senate last night.
Due to Fun Happy Budget issues and the fact that the legislative “day” doesn’t end so long as the legislature is in session, both the House and Senate stayed in session throughout the night until 7:30am.
SB1113 was the last bill to be voted on (at 6:12am) in the House.
While I’m neither a lawyer nor play one on TV, my understanding is that the bills will now go to the governor for her signature.
Perhaps we can soon join many of the other states that don’t arbitrary prohibit law-abiding people from carrying arms into restaurants that happen to serve alcohol, even if the person carrying does not imbibe.
Update: Of course, the Arizona Daily Star demonstrates PSH while claiming that the bill would allow guns in bars! ZOMG! There’s a few people in the comments thread who freak out, but the majority of comments and “votes” on comments are pro-gun and actually provide some facts. Is it too much to ask for neutral, unbiased news reporting (( Note that I don’t claim to be an actual journalist, nor make any claims about being unbiased. At least I’m upfront about it, though. ))? The bill is, after all, available for anyone to review — couldn’t the Star (or some legal expert on their staff) review it and realize that it’s not a big deal at all?

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Carry Passes AZ Legislature”

  1. Additionally, from my understanding, the House voted on a bill that would allow guns in bars.
    The Senate bill required an establishment to serve food, but the House got rid of that requirement, so it is my understanding that you can carry into bars should Gov. Brewer sign the bill (which she has 10 days to do).

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