Super Bowl

When Arizona scored its last touchdown, I thought we had it. I thought we managed to pull things around from the Steelers’ epic just-before-halftime surprise interception, run, and touchdown. (I’m not a Steelers fan, but hot damn was that an awesome play. I never thought I’d see a big dude run that fast or that far.) I thought we managed to pull victory from the jaws of personal fouls, flag-happy refs, receivers who can’t catch worth a damn, and terrible defense.
But alas, it was not to be. The Steelers managed to squeak by and win. My hearty congratulations to them.
My congratulations also to my friend Louis for making his own from-scratch tomato sauce, which is exceedingly delicious, and to my beautiful fianc?e Sarah, who gave me her recipe for lasagna. Granted, I modified it slightly by adding even more ground beef than originally called for, so as to increase the awesomeness (Note: Success!). Alas, Sarah wasn’t in town this weekend, so Louis and I went to the Dog House[1] for the Super Bowl and prepared the sauce and lasagna there.
During halftime, we ignited (with rather prodigious amounts of lighter fluid and the resulting huge flames — direct quote: “Is the bottom part of the grill supposed to be on fire?”) the charcoal grill and grilling bratwursts and hot dogs. Of course, the normal assortment of chips, dip, and other snacky foods were available.
My voice is a bit hoarse from cheering and yelling throughout the game.
Even though Arizona lost, it was a damned good game and much fun was had today.
[1] The house that my friends Rita, Teresa, Alex, and Colin rent. So named as they wanted a faux-fraternity name, and so used the Greek letters “Delta Omega Gamma”, or “Dog”. As it has a large living room, TV, and couches, it is often a scene of social gathering, drinking, etc.

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  1. I’m a Steelers man, but I gotta tip my hat, the Cards played some hellacious football, and we got one of the best Super Bowl games as a result.
    One for the other hand!

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