By George, I Think He’s Got It!

From this article:

And [DC v. Heller] will force liberals to focus on the real reasons for gun violence.
At some point, liberals and anti-gun folks will have to realize that it is failing families, schools and communities that lead to drug-related gun violence, not guns purchased by law-abiding citizens.

So, why do we do [gun “buyback” programs]? We do them because it allows incompetent politicians to feel as though they’re doing something. They want to be able to go back to their under-informed constituents and say, Hey! Look at me. I’m doing something about the 400 murders, on average, in Philadelphia yearly, or the five or six gunshot victims a day! When they really aren’t.

IN OTHER WORDS, guns don’t kill people – misguided, unloved, disconnected, uneducated, angry youth kill people. Youth without mentors and role models kill people.

By jove, I think he’s on to something. Read the whole thing; it gets better.

Carrying a rifle openly on a vehicle in Arizona?

While I know that open carry of handguns is legal in Arizona, I haven’t been able to dig up any information on the open carry of rifles.
Now, before people get all flustered, I’d like to clarify: this would be in the context of carrying a slung rifle on my back to and from the range while riding my scooter.
I suspect that carrying my Pelican hard case might not work so well, hence the question.
I figure that motorists seeing a scooter rider with a slung AR on his back might change their mental classification of such riders. It might also increase my visibility, making my ride a bit safer too. 🙂

Lefty Stuff

Dear Gun (and gun-related stuff) Store Owners,
I know that retail space is valuable and all, but could you please (pretty please?) stock at least a token few left-handed items?
It might not have to be big, expensive stuff like a lefty CZ 452 American (hint, hint), but it’d be nice if you had at least one lefty holster of each type you sold. Actually having lefty guns in stock (rather than having to order them) would be nice, but I understand why you don’t.
Sure, lefties might be only about 10% of the population, but lefty shooting products are still made, and it’d be really great for you to at least stock some stuff…