Ruger 10/22 Magazine Maintenance

A while back, I made a video describing how to maintain Ruger 10/22 magazines. Here it is:

There is also a website that accompanies it, and provides additional detail and photographs. If you have any more questions, or seek clarification, feel free to ask.
Update: Laughing at my hair is strictly forbidden.

3 thoughts on “Ruger 10/22 Magazine Maintenance”

  1. I’ve used your instructions on mag maintence. In fact, they a hard copy of them sit in the gun smithing binder on my workbench/reloading bench library.
    good job – and great video

  2. countertop: I’m flattered! I’ve been amused at how small the world is when I’ve been shooting at a range, overhear someone complain about their 10/22 magazines gumming up, and another shooter refer them to my site. It’s happened more than once, and I find it incredibly neat. 🙂
    Maybe I should spruce up the page a bit so it doesn’t look so crude. I do have plenty of free time in the next few weeks…

  3. Great video ! I’ve never cleaned the mag for mine, and it’s probably long past due. I have a bad tendency to let these things go until a problem arises, and this video has just shown me that it’s really a lot easier that I’d have guessed (had mental images of a flat-coil spring suddenly coming un-coiled…and so forth).
    Now, I’ll actually go and do. Again, thanks.
    And I didn’t laugh at your hair. Really. You should see mine.

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