Full Auto Fun

In 2007, my Class III dealer friend Mike and his Class II manufacturer friend Rob went out for a day of full-auto fun in the National Forest.
While the video is over a year old, I still think it’s fun. Unfortunately, it contributes to my indecision over which machine gun to buy, as all of the guns pictured therein (M16s and Uzis) are incredibly fun to shoot. Alas, the full-auto switch for the Glock (which Rob makes for a living) is a post-86 machine gun, and thus not legal for me to buy. Curses!

For reference, I’m the guy in blue jeans, the green Peace Through Superior Firepower shirt, and the baseball hat. And yes, I’m left-handed.

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  1. Awesome! Have you ever tried practical competition? I divide my time between 3-Gun up at Ben Avery (4th Sundays usually) and tactical rifle+pistol at Pima (3rd Saturdays). Rob shows up at the Pima matches now and then. They’re both a lot of fun.

  2. Alas, I haven’t tried practical competition, but I’d love to do so.
    It may sound silly, but I generally don’t like just “showing up” to something without having someone to introduce me. Go figure. Perhaps I could trouble you to introduce me sometime? That’d be fun.

  3. Please post the title and artist of the tune at the end of the video.
    also, are all the M16’s in .556 caliber? One sounded a bit like it might be .762 Thanks.

  4. It’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” by the Bachman-Turner Overdrive.
    And yes, all the M16s were 5.56mm/.223 Rem. There were no 7.62mm/.30 caliber rifles there that day at all.
    We did have some suppressed 10/22s (not shown in the video) that day as well, including a two-tax “pocket rifle” (suppressed SBR 10/22 with a folding stock).
    Amusingly enough, a National Forest Ranger came out to say hi, asked us to clean up our brass, and bid us good day. She also gave us some Smokey The Bear keychains, which I still have. 🙂

  5. Thanks. It’s good to know that the forest ranger was friendly, and a female at that. Except for David Young, rangers aren’t always gun friendly.

  6. I’d be more than happy to mentor you. It’ll be a good excuse to get out of Range Safety Officer duties 🙂
    Have you ever been out to the Pima Pistol Club range in Catalina? Tomorrow morning, we’re getting together for our monthly match; Rob and I should both be there (he designed a killer stage for us). If you’re never seen a practical match before, I recommend you come watch. If you’d like to try it, I’ll squad with you and teach you the ropes. Safety, of course, is paramount and if you’ve never been “under the clock” before, don’t worry about speed… you’ll get faster with practice and experience.
    The ACTS format is a bit more advanced than 3-Gun or IPSC: we allow backwards movement and “hot” reholstering and sometimes require you to sling your safetied rifle and continue the course of fire with pistol. I recommend a good retention sling. As you’ll see from the rules at the link below, they’ve got some fussy equipment restrictions, but (except for safety) we’re very forgiving of first-timers (and if you show up to watch only, that won’t could as your first time).
    Do you already have a “tactical” rifle and pistol? Sling and holster?
    If you have high-speed internet, check out footage at my YouTube account:
    Also, I often post the Cactus League (3rd Sunday) 3-Gun Match stage descriptions that I design, so surf my blog archives if you’d like.

  7. That WAS a good time, and it was my last weekend in Arizona. I still have fond memories of that day in the mountains.
    One thing, though. Two tax gun? I don’t pay no stinkin’ taxes! :-p

  8. Don’t be a hater. I paid a $200.00 tax once and then decided to become a SOT to make this hobby into a viable business that pays for itself.
    You’ve got the love and the drive. Get your own SOT and join the party!
    Incidentally, do you know what it’d to to your MG prices?
    1. Grease Gun: $12-$15k transferable falls to $7k pre-sample.
    2. Uzi: $7k transferable falls to $3.5k pre-sample.
    3. M16 RR: $10k off brand transferable falls to $11k factory Colt M16A1. (Note that these are RARE, though.)
    4. M16 DIAS: Transferable only.
    5. M16 LL: Transferable only.
    6. AC-556: While I’ve heard rumors that such guns exist, I’ve yet to verify. Transferable only.
    7. MP-5 RR: $12-$15k transferable falls to $8k.
    8. MP-5 sear/registered pack: Transferable only.
    9. Sterling SMG or a Stenling (Sten coverted into a Sterling): $9k Sterling falls to $6k and $6k Sten falls to $4k.
    10. AUG: $15k transferable falls to $10k.
    11. FNC: While I’ve heard rumors that such guns exist, I’ve yet to verify. Transferable only.
    12. STG: Transferable only.
    13. Yes, lucky 13. Like beltfed? How about a pre-sample MG-34 or 1919 for $12k?
    The way I figure, you can’t afford to NOT get your SOT. Look, you’re a hell of a lot brighter than me. If *I* can do it, so can you!

  9. Yeah, I’d love to get an SOT, but I have a small apartment (not a business, no room for inventory or transfers for customers), not much money, and no time.
    Maybe when I have some more time, money, and space.
    I’ve seen plenty of AC-556s. This guy seems to sell a whole bunch at reasonable prices.
    Saving money on pre-samples would be nice, but I would certainly hope that the majority of the items on your list would be available even cheaper as post-samples (though I couldn’t keep them if I give up the FFL). $1,000 for a post-sample M16 is certainly better than $11,000 for a pre-sample. I’d have to have the SOT for 20 years before it wasn’t worthwhile…and even then, the purchase of another post-sample MG or two would make it even more cost-effective.

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